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Move Your Mid Back Pain Away

Do you ever feel a dull, tight, achy, stiff pain between your shoulder blades in your mid back that just seems impossible to stretch out? Good news! It is not impossible. You may just not be stretching the correct area. When I have patients experiencing mid back pain or discomfort, they seem to have tried…

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6 Simple Stretches for Pelvic Floor Pain and Tightness

There are many causes of pelvic floor spasm and tightness. Sometimes nerve irritation from infection or low back injury can cause the pelvic floor to spasm. Another cause is overuse of the pelvic floor muscles during stabilization of the pelvis during movement. This happens if hip or abdominal muscles are weak and the pelvic floor…

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When the Therapist Becomes the Patient: My Guide to Healthy Wrists

Several months ago while on vacation, I had a bad bike accident. I was riding on a rocky, unpaved road and hit a big rock. I went flying off my bike and hit the ground hard! Severe burning and pain to my right hip quickly ensued, but I was able to stand up and walk…

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