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Exercise and Endometriosis: Yes, it helps!

Endometriosis is a disorder caused when tissue that normally lines the uterus is found outside of the uterus, often, in the Ovaries, Fallopian tubes and pelvis. During a typical menstrual cycle endometrial tissue thickens to prepare for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, this lining is shed through menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, the displaced tissue is still…

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6 Simple Stretches for Pelvic Floor Pain and Tightness

There are many causes of pelvic floor spasm and tightness. Sometimes nerve irritation from infection or low back injury can cause the pelvic floor to spasm. Another cause is overuse of the pelvic floor muscles during stabilization of the pelvis during movement. This happens if hip or abdominal muscles are weak and the pelvic floor…

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How A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Can Change Your Life

My interest in pelvic floor therapy started during my third clinical rotation. While I had come prepared to treat chronic low back pain, post surgical conditions, sports injuries and other general orthopedic conditions I had very little knowledge on pelvic floor dysfunction. My clinical instructor was treating a recently married, young woman for pelvic pain…

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