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Temporomandibular disorder; the mystery diagnosis

Temporomandibular disorder; the mystery diagnosis By Jannick Vielleuse MPT When people think of physical therapy, they tend to think of rehabilitation from injuries from the neck down like rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries or back pain, but did you know that physical therapist also have the expertise to treat jaw pain and other kinds of…

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The Best Way to Treat Knee Pain

Knee pain affects 25 % of adults according to the the National Institute of Health. There are many ways to treat knee pain, including medications, injections, and surgery. The latest scientific evidence suggests that the most effective way to treat knee pain is through physical therapy. Physical Therapy uses a individualized holistic approach to treating…

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6 Simple Stretches for Pelvic Floor Pain and Tightness

There are many causes of pelvic floor spasm and tightness. Sometimes nerve irritation from infection or low back injury can cause the pelvic floor to spasm. Another cause is overuse of the pelvic floor muscles during stabilization of the pelvis during movement. This happens if hip or abdominal muscles are weak and the pelvic floor…

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