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Dr. Michelle Friedman, PT, DPT, CAPP-Pelvic, RYT-200

Clinical Director/Owner

Michelle is the owner of Atlantic Physical Therapy. She graduated Drexel University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2007 with a concentration in orthopedics and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The George Washington University. She founded Atlantic Physical Therapy in 2015 with a mission to provide high quality holistic care.

Michelle has experience in inpatient settings, outpatient settings, and clinical instruction. She holds certifications in the Graston Technique, the Aligned Flow Yoga Method, and the CAPP certification in pelvic floor physical therapy through the Women’s Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. She is interested in integrating a holistic approach to rehabilitating her patients which includes yoga, dietary, and lifestyle changes.

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Meghan Ramos, PTA

Meghan came to the world of Physical Therapy after years as a personal trainer and group class coach during which she helped hundreds of clients improve their overall fitness by making movement accessible, joyful, and affirming for each person in their own way. As a licensed PTA, she is passionate about pelvic health as well orthopedic rehab, with the goal of delivering inclusive and functional care to return patients to thriving as quickly as possible.

When she’s not waxing poetic about kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells as well as the importance of strength training for all people, Meghan enjoys traveling, reading good books, watching bad tv, cooking, and hanging out with her husband and their cat Pickle.